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Newly Born Infants Visa

The Australian Government has made it easy to apply a child Australian passport with your mobile device and PC without heading to any government office unless it’s required. All minor without exempting newborn babies must travel dependently with their Australian passport. A consent form must be filled and submitted by the parent or guardian that is responsible for the upkeep of the child.

A minor is simply referred to as an individual who is below the age of 18 and has not gotten married. To get the Australian Passport for your kid, kindly visit the Australian passport office for valid information on how to process the passport.

Get information on:

  1. All the documents required to apply for the passport.
  2. The application processes.
  3. The fees to be paid and how to pay the fees to avoid being scammed.

It must be noted that passport issued to children below the age of 15 are usually valid for 5 years while the children under the age of 17 years passport will be valid for 10 years.

Check the eligibility of your ward:

A Minor (child) passport can be given to an Australian citizen, permanent resident and New Zealanders that are eligible and the child must be under the age of 18 who has not gotten married yet. If that is not the case, the person should apply as an adult. Anytime a child warrant new passport, you must follow the guideline and a complete application should be submitted. The application to be submitted must be escorted with original document to show case the child’s identity as an Australian.

Steps on how to get a child passport:

  • Original document:

The child’s birth certificate, proof of citizenship, affidavit for change of name and other requested document must be submitted. All the original documents to be submitted must be complete and clear.

  • Child’s Guarantor:

A person needs to stand as the guarantor of the child applying for passport. The guarantor must endorse his/her writing at the back of the application by stating that “this is a true photo of the child (full name). It should be signed in black pen.

The guarantor must be a permanent resident, an Australian citizen and New Zealanders that is eligible. The person must stay in the touch with the child for over a year or two.

The guarantor’s must submit their full name, telephone number, passport and home address to where you’re lodging the application.

  • Online application:

The Australian government had developed online website pages to guide applicant through the questions to be answered. 80% of passport applicant makes use of the web to apply.

If you’re the type that have issue applying on the website, kindly visit Australian Diplomatic or consular mission to grab your application form.

  • Print out the form:

A complete form will be issued to you after you’ve applied online. Print the form and make sure everyone that gave consent for the child must sign in front of one or two witness.

  • Submit your child’s passport photos.

  • Pay the required fee.

  • Wait for processing: 

after lodging the application, it will be processed for 6 weeks. Any application submitted without the consent from people has parental responsibility over the child will delay the processing of the application.

  • The child must meet the health criteria which will be valid for a year.

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