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What are the needed documents for work visa in Australia?

Applying for different types of Visa in Australia is basically determined by your standpoint. The general way to obtain a temporary residence visa and a permanent residence visa is through your line of work. Your vocation may validate your eligibility to get a work permit in Australia. When an individual has a calling that is needed urgently in Australia, you can be invited by the federal government, you can be retained by the state government and you can be given offered exclusive job with good pay by a company or employer.

Based on your primary interest of migrating to Australia to work, you have to apply for Expression of interest (EOI) and submit through Skill Select. The purpose of filling EOI is to express your interest in order to be reasoned for a skilled visa.

The Australia work visa is divided into different categories namely:  Global talent Visa, Employer Nomination Visa, permanent skilled regional visa, regional sponsored migration visa, skilled employer sponsored regional visa, skilled independent visa, skill nominated visa, skilled recognized graduate visa, and others.

  • Global Talent Visa:

This visa is designed for a high skilled individual in order to make permanent resident easier in Australia. In order for you to be eligible, you must indicate that you are one if not the best in your area of specialization and you must proof to contribute to the Australian economy.

Criteria to be eligible:

  1. You must be nominated by an Australian national
  2. You must be recommended or sponsored by a permanent resident or eligible New Zealanders
  3. You must have impact in Australian economic development
  4. You’re one of the best in your profession
  5. You must have had a high reputation
  6. You must be highly ranked

The required document for Global Visa:

  1. Detailed passport
  2. National identity card
  3. Affidavit for change in Marital status, Name
  4. Achievement documents
  5. Statement from your sponsor
  6. Proficient in English Language

  • Permanent Skilled Regional visa:

This permanent visa allows its holder to work and stay in Australia for a long term. If you had lived and worked in any part of the country previously, you can apply for visa 191. The visa allows the holder to apply for citizenship.

Australia regional sponsored Visa:  for you to apply for this visa, you must have stayed and worked in Australia prior to another work visa, and you must be sponsored by the same body within the country. Just like Global talent visa, you’re allowed to work and study in Australia indefinitely.

Required document:

  1. Passport
  2. Application form
  3. Proof of good character
  4. Competency in English Language
  5. National identity card
  6. Partner document (if required)
  7. Birth certificate

Required document from the sponsor:

  1. Proof of employment contract
  2. Financial statement
  3. Proof of legal business
  4. Proof of eligibility
  5. Evidence of associated business

  • Skilled Employer sponsored

The visa allows you to work in a certain area where you have been nominated. This visa is temporary unlike permanent skilled regional visa and it’s only active for 5 years. You may re-apply for permanent resident after 5 years if you meet the criteria.

Document required for skilled employer sponsored visa:

  1. Id card
  2. Skill qualifications
  3. Documents proving your worthy
  4. Marriage certificate (if required)
  5. Divorce paper (if required)
  6. Level of fluency in English language

Visa employer document:

  1. Identity document: your full name, date of birth, visa grant or relevant document and transaction reference number must be included in the document
  2. Employment contract: your contract must be signed by you and your employer
  3. Proof of genuine position: your employer must state your duties and responsibilities for the job you’re being nominated for.

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