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Why do you have to study in Australia at first?

You’ll gain vast knowledge and experience with top notch institution and exclusive advantage when you study in Australia. The country is a perfect location for foreign student to study, learn new skills, learn a new vocation, furnish their language skills and bag a new degree. Australia is a country that presents different range of educational advantage from grade 1 to the University level.

For you to study in Australia, you must possess a valid student visa. The student visa is a temporary resident visa that allows the holder to participate in different course of study within the country (Australia). The courses available is estimated to be 22, 000 across 1000 institutions in the country. As a student that intends to study in Australia, be rest assured that your dream course is available in Australia, and you can do yourself good by getting more info on Australian Government website.

What are the pros of studying in Australia?

The most important reason why people choose to study in Australia is the standard of their education. For any professional course you choose to study, there is a program that will aid your career path. More so, you’ll be exposed to international experience that places you above your peers.

A person studying in Australia will benefit from the community he/she will find themselves because the country has a huge digit of international students across the world. This means that the student will be surrounded by harmonious student, and you’ll receive a fantastic support system.

Another benefit that can be enjoyed by any Australian student is that their knowledge is not just limited to the classroom alone, the knowledge also reflects in their behavior outside the school. And their social life is non-comparable to other institutions.

There are two major types of Student visa in Australia:

  1. Student visa subclass
  2. Training visa subclass
  • Student Visa subclass: This visa is available for any foreigner that intends to study there. To be eligible for the student visa subclass, you need to know the requirement and guidelines. The required documents are listed below:

  • Passport: Foreign applicant must tender a valid international passport given by your home country or the current country you reside. You might need to submit other documents such as National Identity card and Driver’s license along with your passport.

  • Biometrics and Photograph: Your recent photograph and biometrics needs to be submitted to the authorized personnel. The immigration will make it known to you if your fingerprint is needed.

  • Application form: The application form gotten from the right source needs to be filled correctly, signed appropriately, and submitted with other required documents.

  • Age: The minor must meet the age requirement before applying for the visa. There is certain age to watch out for when starting primary, secondary, and higher institution in Australia. The description includes:

A 17-year-old child should start year 9 of school

A child should begin the 10-year school at the age of 18

A child should begin the 11-year school at the age of 19

While a 20 year old child should kick off their 12th  year of schooling

  • Proof of study program: The confirmation letter of your enrollment for the courses you will choose throughout your year of study should be submitted. The letter must be submitted before the visa is approved.

  • Parent Consent: If you’re enrolling a minor and the parent or one of them are not with the child, definitely there should be a consent form (to be filled by the parent) which will be attached to the visa application.

  • Civil Document: Provide the required document such as marriage certificate, birth certificate, divorce paper, proof of relationship with family member, affidavit of your name changed and adoption papers.

  • Financial Capacity: You must proof that your family members will support your education financially during your study programme, there must be enough finance to fund your tuition fees, a letter of support from the Australian department of foreign affairs.

Training Visa sub class:

This is a temporary resident visa given to people who intend to attend a work training course. To be eligible, you must meet the criteria:

  • You must be sponsored
  • You must be invited
  • Your nomination must be issues from an approved sponsor
  • Your sponsorship must be attached to your application

Requirement for Training Visa:

  • Passport
  • Invitation letter
  • Proof of sponsorship
  • Qualification document
  • Financial evidence
  • Health insurance
  • Proof of good character
  • Australian value statement
  • Proof of proficiency in English language

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