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Tourist Visa

For any individual that intend to move abroad specifically Australia, it is  important for you to check the country atmosphere. In order to explore the whole vicinity before making the decision of moving in on a permanent basis or other visas such as student visa and work permit visa, you have to apply for the tourist visa which is also known as Temporary resident visas (TRVs). 


There are numerous reasons for visiting Australia which includes: wildlife, natural wonders, weather, beautiful atmosphere, beautiful cities and communities, historical background, white sand beaches and lot more. Everyone apart from the countries listed below will need to apply for an Australian Visa:

  • Norway
  • Monaco
  • Canada
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • United States
  • South Korea
  • Iceland
  • Andorra
  • New Zealand
  • Hong Kong
  • Switzerland
  • San Marino
  • And other European countries

If you’re a citizen of any of the country listed above can apply for an Electronic Travel Authority or e-Visitor which are faster to obtain than the Visitor Visa.

Applying for the Visitor Visa online:

  • Create an account: Log in to the official website of the Australian department of Home affairs. Fill all your personal information and confirm your account through the message sent to your mail.

  • Select the Tourist Visa: After you’ve confirmed your account, log in to select the type of Visa you’re applying for (tourist visa).

  • Complete the Application: You will have to answer the questions asked while applying such as the reason for travelling, your personal information, the time you wish to spend in Australia, marital status.

  • Attach required document: Attach the original copy of your passport, proof of finance, police certificate, health record, travel insurance and other document.

  • Pay the visa fee.

  • Wait patiently for your visa to be processed.

  • Grab your visa.

Requirement to get Tourist Visa for minor travelling alone:

  • Letter of authorization: A minor applying for the tourist visa alone or with a person other than their guardian or parents will have to tender letter of authorization signed by their parent. The name of the person that will take responsibility over the minor during their stay in Australia needs to be included in the letter and the letter must be written in English.

  • Minor birthday certificate.

  • Minor Passport.

  • Copies of legal custody docs (parents that are divorced).

  • Copy of death (in a case one of the parent is deceased).

General Requirement to get Tourist Visa:

  • Application form.

  • Proof of financial status: A prospective individual must have financial proof indicating that they have sufficient funds or their sponsor has enough funds to cover their tour and living expenses during their stay in Australia. Proof of financial strength includes but not limited to:
      • Bank account statement.
      • Letters from sponsors.
      • Financial aid letters and so on.
  • Declaration letter: You have to express your feelings to the government telling them why they should grant you visa. You’ll explain in details why you chose Australia out of other countries, what you’re going to do when you get to the country, the places you want to visit in the country and the people you’re familiar with and their address.

  • Bank Statement of the Individual you’re visiting: For someone sponsoring Australian tourist visa, you must share the applicants some docs such as statement of your bank account, bank verification letter for sponsoring an Australian visa which will serve as a proof to the embassy that you’re competent of supporting your guest during their stay in the country.

  • Criminal Records: The individual must submit a criminal record obtained from the country you’re coming from. The essence of the record is to know if you’re an ex-convict or to know if you’ve get yourself involve in any criminal activities.

  • Proof of Relationship: An individual travelling to Australia to spend some time with their lovers must show evidence of their relationship. If a person is visiting a family in Australia, you must show evidence to back your relationship with the said person.

  • Attach photographs: The photos will be in small size and it will serve as identification for the individual applying for the tourist visa in order for the embassy to know they’re evaluating. The photos to be submitted must be printed on a photographic paper, it must be clear and any form of blurriness will not be accepted, the photos should be in colored or white and black, you must appear in the center of the camera and the photo should have been taken within the last 6 months.



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