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What are the needed documents for a work visa in the USA?

The land of opportunities welcomes hard workers and individuals with exceptional abilities and expertise in their field. The United states reward hard work and also laziness. If you can work then you can be sure that you can succeed in the United States. Only those who do nothing get nothing.

To get a work visa in the United States, the employer would need to sign a petition i.e. for any non-immigrant citizen of a foreign country to get a work visa, you would need to have already been employed or have prospects of being employed when you get to the United States because your employee would need to sign a petition with the United States Customer and Immigration Service, confirming your visit for work.

The restriction on a work visa is that you can only work for your sponsor. Also, your temporary work permit only lasts one year but you can extend it six months before the expiry of the current one.

So, what are the needed documents for a work visa in the USA:

  • Labour Certification

Your employer must file for a labor certification on your behalf at the Department of Labor. There are of course different categories of work visa like the P3; which allows you to teach or coach a culturally unique subject, like a music teacher, there is another one a sports and athlete coach, there is another category of work visa that lets you work as an agricultural worker and another category lets you work as a special educator. Each of these has its specs and some would not require a labor certification.


  • A filed petition from your U.S employer

The first and probably most important document for a work visa would be the evidence that you are employed to work in the United States or you would be employed upon arrival. The United States consulate will not allow you to travel to their country with the prospect that you would just start searching for a job.

  • Original Passport with a six-month validity beyond expected arrival date in the USA

As with all other criteria for other visa applications to the United States, you are expected to provide a valid passport that will remain valid for six months after you arrive in the United States. In the case of passport renewal, the visa(s) on the passport remains valid until their expiry date.


  • Old Passports

If it is not your visit to the United States, you might need to provide your other old and expired passport to prove that you have visited the U.S before


  • One photograph per specification. Both digital and hard copies of the photograph are required.

You would be required to submit photographs of certain formats and quite a number of them. The number of photographs you would submit and the format would be specified.


  • A Stamped Non-Immigrant DS-160 Application Form

The non-immigrant form Form DS-160 is an online form. The first step to take when applying for a visa would be to fill the DS-160 Application Form. You will then need to save the confirmation or barcode page and get it stamped at a visa application center


  • Proof of fee payment, which is a valid receipt

Throughout your visa processing, you would be required to pay some amount of money at certain points. Remember to always save the transactions as this will be required as evidence of payment.

  • Printout of US Interview appointment letter

This is for when you have scheduled your interview. The consulate will not schedule your appointment for you, you do it yourself and print out the appointment letter. You will not attend if you do not come along with this


  • Proof of funds (bank statement, copy of passbook, any other proof of cash).

A mandatory document. This is evidence that you have the financial resources to take care of all your expenses throughout your stay. If you will be going to be staying with someone, they can sign an affidavit that they have the resources to take care of you throughout your stay.

Depending on the category of work visa you applied for, other documents that may be requested include:

  • Resume or CV

A document detailing your bio-data, your educational background, your working experiences, and some reference from well-to-do individuals.

  • Proof of Professional Degree

This includes educational degrees like Masters, P.HD, Bachelor’s degree, professional degrees can also be accepted.


  • Proof of Qualification

Can include a series of diplomas and certifications from recognized institutes.


  • Proof of Job Offer from a U.S employer

You might be required to submit the job offer you received from your employer who must be a U.S citizen.


  • Proof that you have extraordinary abilities

Visas involving extraordinary abilities simply mean that you are an expert in a particular and you perform exceptionally well. This document can include places you’ve worked previously and evaluation from your bosses and colleagues or you can simply present projects you’ve worked on previously.

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