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      What are the needed documents for a visit visa in the USA?

      There are lots of events held here and there and you might have happened to be invited to one and the location of the venue is the United States. You wonder how you go about it then.

      But first, what can you do with a visit visa:

      1. Tourism and vacation
      2. Family visits
      3. Attend events and ceremonies
      4. Enroll in any recreation activities (just for fun and not for attaining a degree)
      5. Medical Treatment

      Here we list the document that would be required for you to travel to the United States for visiting purposes.

      • Supporting documents for visiting children, family, attending a family event, etc.

      • Letter of invitation from children or relatives For you need to prove your reason for visiting if you are visiting for tourism, you might need a travel itinerary, if you are visiting your family or relative, then you might need to attach a letter of invitation to your documents to be presented at your interview.

      • Proof of event, invitation card, brochure: For events, you might need to present the brochure, an invitation card, or any other document that proves that you were officially invited to this event.


      • Proof of Medical Treatment: If you are visiting to use the United States health expertise, then you might a report of your health issues, you would need to also provide evidence that you have the financial resource to fund your treatment and stay in the United States.


      • Original Passport with a six-month validity beyond expected arrival date in the USA: As with all other criteria for other visa applications to the United States, you are expected to provide a valid passport that will remain valid for six months after you arrive in the United States. In the case of passport renewal, the visa(s) on the passport remains valid until their expiry date.


      • All old passports: For a travel visa, it would seem that they would require to see any other passport you possess.


      • One photograph per specification. Both digital and hard copies of the photograph are required: You would be required to submit photographs of certain formats and quite a number of them. The number of photographs you would submit and the format would be specified.


      • A Stamped Non-Immigrant DS-160 Application Form: The non-immigrant form Form DS-160 is an online form. The first step to take when applying for a visa would be to fill the DS-160 Application Form. You will then need to save the confirmation or barcode page and get it stamped at a visa application center.


      • Proof of fee payment, which is a valid receipt: Throughout your visa processing, you would be required to pay some amount of money at certain points. Remember to always save the transactions as this will be required as evidence of payment.


      • Printout of US Interview appointment letter: This is for when you have scheduled your interview. The consulate will not schedule your appointment for you, you do it  yourself and print out the appointment letter. You will not attend if you do not come along with this.


      • Proof of Return to your Home Country: You would need to give the assurance that you would return to your home country when your travel time is done or when the event has ended. This can improve your chances of getting your visa approved.


      • Proof of funds (bank statement, copy of passbook, any other proof of cash): A mandatory document. This is evidence that you have the financial resources to take care of all your expenses throughout your stay. If you will be going to be staying with someone, they can sign an affidavit that they have the resources to take care of you throughout your stay.


       So you ask why all these documents are needed?

      Well, the first reason will be to avoid harassment; they do not want a situation that will later come to cause them trouble so they are unusually thorough in their screening process, legitimacy is also another reason; to confirm if you are who you say you are, validity; to prove if all claims you made are true, criminal history, financial affordability, intent to return to home country; there have been lots of cases where people refused to return to their home country so giving them a solid prove will further increase the chances of your visa getting accepted.

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