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Spouse Visa

Marriage is a commitment between people who are willing to support each other. The United States government respects this holy merger by providing an opportunity for a United States citizen’s spouse to have access to visit and stay in the country. The fiancé(e)/spouse visa allows a foreign spouse of a United States citizen to visit and stay with them or have their marriage in the country within 90 days of their arrival.

Required Documents

Are you the fiancée or the fiancé filing for a K-1 visa? Even your children filing for K-2 will be required to submit the following documents.


  • Evidence of a Genuine Relationship

This is just proving to support the claim that you are in a real, working relationship with a U.S citizen.


  • A Completed DS-160 Form

A DS-160 form is a form for non-immigrant looking to visit the United States. The spouse who is a United States citizen will first fill the Petition for Alien Spouse; the Form I-130 to confirm that a relative will be visiting them in the United States. A DS-160 form is an electronic form as such it is to be filled and submitted online. What you would take along with you to the physical interview is the confirmation page or the barcode page.


  • A Valid Passport

You must also possess an international passport that extends at least 6 months past the duration of your stay in the U.S. Although, specific countries state differently. In case you got a new passport, any visa on the old passport will be valid, at least until their expiry date.


  • Birth Certificate

Applicants must also submit evidence supporting their birth in their hometown. Issued, by the birth records custodians, your birth certificate must contain your country of birth, date of birth, name at birth, name of parents, and place of birth. You would be needing the original Birth certificate itself.


  • Evidence of Financial Support

The United States does not need people coming to be a nuisance in their country. So, for a K-1 visitor, you must either provide evidence that you can support yourself financially for the duration of your stay, and if you have a K-2 with you; you will need to prove that you can take of their expenses as well. This evidence can come in the form of a bank statement, company sponsorship, etc. Or they can be evidence that the visiting spouse has a job offer already, or the qualification to land themselves a job in the country, or the connections to get one. Likewise, the sponsor; a U.S citizen can also sign an affidavit that they have enough resources to take of the visiting spouse.


  • Photographs

You need to come along with photographs of the required formats and the amount.


  • Divorce or Death Certificate(s)

This is in the case of a previous spouse of the visiting spouse. You need a document supporting the reason for the separation from the previous spouse.


  • Medical Examination

It is pertinent that all applicants must undergo a series of mandatory medical tests at a designated and accredited medical facility. Your eligibility for an interview will be based on the result of your medical report so this is a very important thing to note. Only medical reports from designated and accredited medical facilities would be accepted and your report must be valid for at least six more months after your interview, it must also still be valid at the time of your travel. To avoid slowing down the processing, you are advised to get your medical test and report right before the interview so you can fulfill these criteria.

  • Police Report

Another important document to get is the police report. This will attest that the applicant has lived responsibly in all countries or areas where they have lived. That’s right, the police report has to be gotten from all countries where the applicant has lived for more than 6 months and these countries must be from when they were over the age of 16. The police report has a validity of one year i.e. it must have passed one year that you have done the report, for you to be eligible. The police report must also still be valid at the time of your travel.

After your interview, you will be notified if your visa has been approved or denied, you should do well to track the notifications regularly to be aware on time and see if there is anything that can be done to rectify it. Sometimes, your visa might require further processing, which will of course mean additional time.


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