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    What are the needed documents for work visa in CANADA?

    Stating the fact that Canada is the second largest country in the world and notably one of the developed countries with countless job opportunities and good pay. This alone makes the country one of the countries that’s attracts foreigners who wish to showcase their skills and intellect.

    Any individual who has made the decision of travelling to Canada to search for work must have a work permit granted by the Canadian government to locate an employer and be engaged in Labor market. The work visa is a legalized document you must refer when travelling to Canada in search of greener pasture.

    You can apply for Canada work visa in two different ways. The first way is through Temporary work visas which allow the applicant to work in Canada for nothing less than six months or less, while the other way is through permanent visa which would be given to a permanent resident since they’ve found a fitting job.

    The temporary work visa is the admixture of temporary resident visa and work visa which allows the applicant to stay in the country (Canada) for over six months or less at the same time search for job to maintain their daily expense. The visa is liable to expire after some months depending on the months or years given to you by the authorities in charge. This illustrate that the moment your temporary resident visa and work visa expire, its either you extend your visa or travel back to your home country. It is important to note that you can only extend your visa for a period of 4 years, and it depends on your home country with the kind of visa you applied for. It’s impossible for any foreigner to work in Canada after your visa expires, your refusal to leave the country will also attract deportation and it will stop you from applying for any Canada visa.

    Any bearer that chose to work in Canada and earn salary must:

    • Made their intention known to become employed in the country.
    • Receive their salary from a registered company in Canada.
    • Your location must be within Canadian geographical location.
    • The salary will be deposited into a Canadian bank account.


    People who do not need a Canadian work permit:

    • Military personnel.
    • Football players.
    • Judges.
    • Businessman/woman.
    • Clergy.
    • Public speaker.
    • News reporter.
    • Performing artist.

    Criteria for eligibility include:

    • Consider the condition on the type of work permit given to you. Meaning you might be allowed to work for any business or enterprise, you might be allowed to work for just one company.
    • You will leave the country and travel to your home country once your visa expires.
    • You must not work for any illegal company or employer that engages in criminal activities.
    • You must have been given a temporary resident visa.
    • You must have graduated from any reputable institution in the world.

    Types of work visa available in Canada:

      • Temporary foreign workers: this type of work visa is given to an individual who has gotten a job offer from a Canadian company or firm. The company must be registered and must have obtained the labor market impact assessment.


      • Working holiday Visa: This visa is a slot opened to people from 30 countries in which they will be picked randomly to work in Canada and travel.


      • Open work permit: This temporary resident Visa is given to an individual who has gotten a job offer from a Canadian Company but will be allowed to switch allegiance to other employers.

      • Post graduate worker: This work permit is given to an individual who have completed a high degree from Canadian Institution and wish to reside in Canada for a long period through working.

      • Documents required for a work visa in Canada: Application forms and required documents must be submitted to the consular officer that will evaluate the individual. There is high probability that the consular officer will request for an interview to decide if you’re eligible to apply for the work permit and to decide if you will travel back to your home country after your visa expire.

      • Documents to be submitted include: 

      1. Application form.
      2. A valid passport.
      3. Complete photocopy of your passport page.
      4. Proof of immigration status.
      5. Birth certificates.
      6. Police record (if required).
      7. Proof of financial status such as bank account statement.
      8. Resume.
      9. Original file of educational certificates.
      10. Medical evaluation report.
      11. Letter of Job offer from your employer.

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