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Before making mention of the documents needed for a student visa in Canada, we really do need to understand what Student Visa entails.

Canada student visa:

Canada is a developed country with variance of teaching method that suits student learning style considering their individual differences. Their valuable degrees made a lot foreign parents and guidance to enroll their wards into Canadian primary and secondary schools, while the grown- up wants to obtain their undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in Canadian higher institution. For a student coming from another country to obtain their degrees, they have to know the requirements of the student Visa before applying for the Visa.

A Student Visa enables an individual to start their studies in Canada. The student visa is similar to Canada visitor visa; inevitably the student needs a study permit. The visa allows the student to learn in Canada at any designated learning institutions (DLI). The Canada study visa enables the individual to stay in the country until the end of the program being studied. To stay tuned with the visa, the student must meet the criterions; must be enrolled to any designated learning institutions, you must be working alongside your studies, you must be eligible for the student visa, you must terminate your study if you do not meet the student visa requirements, you must excuse yourself from Canada the moment your study permit expires.

Any international student who intend to learn in Canada and who need an electronic travel authorization to enter the country  must get a student visa and study permit at the same time. But if your program is nothing less than six months in Canada designated learning institutions, all you have to get is a visa or eTA under the certainty that you’re ending the program in the next 6 months.

The following criteria are to be noted for the eligibility of Canada student visa:

  1. Acceptance by any designated learning institute in Canada.
  2. You need to provide evidence that you have enough money to pay your school fees and financial support to maintain your livelihood.
  3. You have to provide a null criminal record to show you have a clean and good background.
  4. Medical exam to be used as prove for your health status.
  5. You must provide prove that you’ll leave the country once your student visa expires.

Required documents for Canada student visa:


  • Valid passport: The student must possess a valid passport and other travel documentation which will be used to apply for a study permit. It’s necessary to have a passport that is valid through-out the course of the study. You must present the information page of your passport which will show your passport number, date of issue and expiry date, personal information which includes your full name, photo, date of birth, place of birth, and nationality.



  • Letter of acceptance by the learning center: you should be able to provide the acceptance letter forwarded to you by the institute you’re intending to attend. The university must be acknowledged by the immigration office.



  • Proof of financial status: During the time of application for study permit, the student must provide proof that you can support yourself financially such as your bank statement, employment status as time of visa application, proof that your family will support your expenses during your stay. The Immigration office of Canada believes that a student will need at least 10,000 CAD annually for you to stay put.



  • Evidence of returning to your home country: During the interview, you must let the immigrant officers know that you have funds to fly back home after completing the program. Documents to be tender include proof of employment, providing lease agreement in case you own a property in your home country.



  • Civil status: You will be asked to insert the photocopies of your identity card, your birth certificates, divorce marriage or marriage certificate, next of kin identity card. You will have to get in touch with the visa office in your home country to get more information about the documents to be submitted along those that have been mentioned.


  • Criminal record: You will have to show proof that you’ve not being arraigned for any criminal activities and you’re not a threat to the Canadian government and its environs.



  • Medical Evaluation: You’ll be asked to submit your medical reports to show that you’re healthy and free from all sort of communicable diseases. The panel physicians are in charge of the medical evaluation.



  • Rationale for travelling: You need to state the reason why you’re traveling to Canada to study and why you’ve choose the institution.

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