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Marriage is a huge determination and it’s necessary for you and your spouse to trust, understand each other, and be supportive. Nonetheless, things are complicated when you or your partner is not from Canada and you wish to live in the country together with your partner, the partner with Canadian citizenship will have to sponsor the other person. It will be unlawful to classify yourself as a Canadian citizen just because you got married to a citizen or a permanent resident of Canada.

When you’ve tied the knot with your partner, you have to take some certain steps in applying for spousal sponsorship which allow you to move in with your partner on a permanent basis. Based on fraudulent activities over the year, the Canadian government had imposed more rules on any form of spousal sponsorship application. Therefore, you have to meet the documentation requirement before applying.

Applying for spousal sponsorship can be categorized into two namely: inland and outland spousal sponsorship. The inland spousal sponsorship is when the partner is already in the country through work permit visa or study permit visa and you got married during your stay in the country, definitely you can process the application before your visa get expired. While outland application means, you’re not living in the country and you can only enter Canada once you’ve obtained the permanent resident visa.

Another scenario that needs proper explanation is you meeting your Fiancé/fiancée before getting married to your Canadian partner. The only way to travel to Canada is for you to apply to temporary resident visa (visitor visa), and you must obtain information on how to apply for a visitor visa and application form in order to meet the screening requirement.

The document required for Canadian marriage visa is highlighted below:

  • Married Legally: The most important thing in the application for Souse visa is that the two partners need to be married legally without forging documents just for the purpose of getting a permanent resident visa. If the spouse are just living together based on love relationship without any legal document binding them as husband and wife, then it is not considered to be a marriage. The proof includes photocopy of your marriage certificate, your wedding albums, your honeymoon pictures and destination.


  • Identification: You must have a valid passport for travel into Canada with a validity period of at least 6 months before your planned visit to stay in Canada, you and your partner should be able to tender your work permit in your current home country even though your countries are different, and if necessary you can submit a valid driver’s license which must contain your: full name, photograph, date of birth, place of birth.


  • Financial document: Your spouse must meet the income requirement for financially maintaining themselves. Therefore they need to be able to earn some certain amount of money before they can be eligible to sponsor their spouse and such proof includes: your bank account statement, letter from your employer stating the job title and the time the person has been working there and the salary been received.


  • Police certificate: This is a legal binding document that shows the information of any arrested individual, the reasons why the person is being convicted and the outcome of the conviction. You spouse must obtain the police record of every countries they’ve stayed even though you don’t have any criminal record.


  • Medical evaluation: Medical exam is very important for those seeking marriage visas to Canada. The exam will be carried out by an authorized doctor and the evaluation be  based on the medical report of your spouse, physical evaluation of your partner, the mental evaluation of your partner to know if the person is not a psychopath and test will be conducted to check if there’s any ailment your spouse is battling. The last test to be conducted is the presence of any illicit drug and intake of alcohol.


  • Proof of medical treatment: The spouse sponsoring the other partner must be able to show evidence of payment of medical treatment. It’s likely for your spouse to get a letter from their insurance company stating their enrollment and the type of coverage covering the individual.


  • Military records: if Military records: If your spouse sponsoring has ever served in the military of Canadian government, the government will request for the records of your service.


  • Divorce certificate: Your spouse must provide divorce certificate of any previous marriage, certificate of annulment and death certificate in case their former partner was a deceased.  



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