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Newly Born Infants Visa

    For every child given birth to or adopted in Canada, their passport application must come along with an evidence of the child being a Canadian citizen. The parent must also go through the ‘citizenship certificate and citizenship rule’ document to know how the citizenship can be deputed to their offspring. It must be noted that not all children given birth to outside the geographical location of the country can be eligible for Canadian citizenship. It’s advisable for you to visit the nearest Canadian embassy about the Canadian citizenship application if you’re staying in another country (outside Canada).

    The Canadian citizenship is not a travel document that will be presented at the airport, as it can only be used as part of the required document when travelling in and out of the country.

    In order to obtain a permanent residency status in Canada, the parent of the child needs to apply for the child’s Canadian citizenship and passport. The passport that will be issued by the immigration officer may be limited to just two years, and it can only be available for children at the range of 1 – 2 years before expiration.

    The child’s passport application can be generated through passport Canada’s website, a page that is programmed only for children passport and relevant information about the process of the application. The biological parent of the child would be requested to provide a proof of parentage during the application process of your child’s passport and the child’s certificate of Canadian citizenship.

    The general application requirement is stated below: 

    1. Parentage evidence.
    2. You must have applied your offspring for proof of citizenship, the name and signature to be filled on the form must be that of the child’s parent.
    3. The child’s parent resident permit must be provided.

    The required time for processing a child’s passport:

    • The first application to be processed is the child’s citizenship which will be processed for 10 working days, while the second step is to process the child’s passport application which will last for 20 working days. The duration for processing the child’s passport and citizenship is equivalent to a month.


    • Travelling to Canada to give birth:

    Under the types of temporary resident visas available in Canada, there’s a slot that allows pregnant women to travel to Canada with the sole aim of delivering their child oversea. This temporary visa resident visa allows pregnant women to take a tour, visit their family, visit their friend and at the same time visit the nearest hospital to get appropriate care and seek help in giving birth. The Temporary resident visa does not permit the pregnant woman to seek social and medical benefits bestowed on Canadian citizens, it doesn’t allow the woman to stay in the country permanently, and the pregnant woman is not allowed to apply for citizenship. The pregnant woman is only permitted to visit the hospital and pay for the service rendered by the hospital.

    Any child given birth to in Canada will automatically become a Canadian citizen since their parents are not a permanent resident or Canadian citizens. Plus, the child is allowed to apply for Canadian passport. The visa application process is not much more different from a Visitor and Tourist visa, but there are certain steps that must be followed which include:

    • Check your eligibility for the visa since the purpose of travelling is to give birth.
    • Submit all the required document for giving birth.
    • Submit your application to the authorized office.
    • Pay attention to any further request and wait for the visa processing.
    • Forward your passport for stamping.

    In your declaration letter, try as much as possible to indicate that you’re pregnant. Do not be scared that your visa will be denied because the consequence of not doing that is that the Canadian Consulate will reject your visa simply because you’re not honest and cannot be trusted.

    • Fees for the Visa:

    It was stated earlier in this article that Travel Visa to give birth is under the category of Temporary resident visa. The funds needed to pay for the application is estimated to be CAD $100, the fee for your biometric information is CAD $85 if requested, you will have to pay the sum of CAD $45 for your passport processing after your travel visa to Canada has been approved.

    The processing of this visa might last for 6 weeks. Therefore, it’s advisable to apply for the visa earlier before you get close to your due date in case the visa processing will last longer than thought.


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