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Newly Born Infants Visa

    Parents or legal guardians can choose to apply for an online form or get it from a post office or contact Passport Adviceline to get more information about how to apply for their baby’s first passport. In the United Kingdom, irrespective of age, anyone would need a visa to travel in or out of the country. So what documents do you need to procure your baby’s visa?


    • Baby’s Birth Certificate and Eligibility

    First, you would need to present the original birth certificate of your baby to prove their identity. Also, you will need to prove that your child is of British nationality; the birth certificate or the parent being a citizen can prove this. Foreigners with indefinite leave to remain can also claim citizenship for their children.

    • Parent’s Information

    Anyone with the parental right to the child can apply for a passport. However, they need to give the details of the original parent when applying for the passport and provide supporting evidence as well. If this information can’t be provided then the person applying must give reasons with credible evidence.

    • Identity Verification

    As part of the processing, you must get your identity verified by someone you know. This person is known as a counter signatory and the counter signatory can confirm that the child is indeed your and can attest to your conduct while you were in the United Kingdom. The counter signatory must:

    1. Be a professional person.
    2. Possess a British or an Irish passport.
    3. Not be a relative to either parent.
    4. Not be in any romantic relationship of any kind with the parent.
    5. Live at a place that is not the same as yours.
    6. Not work for the UK Home office.
    7. The counter signatory must have known the parent for at least two, can attest to the relationship between child and parent, and can vouch for the parent’s conduct and morals.

    • Two new identical passport-sized photographs of the child

    There are strict rules when it comes to taking a passport photograph for your child. There is already laid down format that the photos must be in. The photos must be of professional quality and will be in colored format. There should only be a white background behind the baby. The best way to ensure a quality photo is to patronize professionals but you can also attempt it with your digital camera. A baby can be sat down and snapped but in the case of a baby that is not yet sitting, you can lay them down and snap them. The baby must face the camera with eyes opened but for newborns, it is okay for them to have their eyes closed since this is probably the best way to ensure that you can get a good picture.

    • Translated documents

    Documents that are not in the English language must be translated by an accredited translator. However, you must submit both the original and the translated copy.

    Note that, laminated documents will be rejected.

    • Adoption papers/certificate (if any)

    Also, it is important to note that if a child has been adopted or was born through surrogacy, additional documentation will be required.


    • Valid passports from a different country belonging to the child.
    • Any court orders describing parental responsibility or residency arrangements.

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