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Spouse Visa

    What are the needed documents for a married visa in the UK?

    The legal age in the United Kingdom is 18 years, so to qualify for the spouse visa, the resident and the fiancée or fiancé have to be at least 18 years of age. Any type of marriage should suffice as evidence that both couples are indeed married and in the case of those who are yet to be married, their fiancé – fiancée status should be proven by providing evidence that they will get married within 6 months of the visit.


    Other criteria to watch out for includes:

    • The person you are joining is a British citizen.
    • Your marriage is registered and recognized in the UK laws.
    • Your relationship is at least 2 years old.
    • The British citizen must show proof of being able to cater to all your needs and requirements throughout your stay.
    • The visitor must meet the least English language proficiency requirement.


    You need to be very careful when arranging and collating your documents. If the consulate; while going through your document detects or even suspects any element of falsehood, then they can reject your application. Every evidence must be laid bare and clean from manipulation.

    First, you would need to submit documents that attest to your marital status; For registered marriages, the resident and the applicant must submit their marriage certificate. The certificate must be government-issued either from the UK or from any other government from other countries around the world.

    As a fiancé/fiancée/proposed partner, you will need to provide proof that you will be marrying your partner within 6 months of your visit. Also, if you were previously involved in a relationship, you might need to provide evidence that your previous relationship has ended, state the reason and provide supporting documents.

    UK VAF4A visa application form

    The VAF4A is the visa application form spouse visit. It is to be filled online and a confirmation page is brought along on the date of your interview. It contains questions about your personal information, your current location, your family, etc.


    A Valid Passport

    You will also need to provide a valid passport. It must have at least a space; affix your visa.


    Your previous passports

    If you have previously visited the United Kingdom, then you need to provide old passports to prove it. If you have then no need.


    Passport photographs

    The requirement for passport photographs is set by the United Kingdom. There is a required format and number of photographs that you would present.

    Proof of English language requirement

    There are several tests of the English language with IELTS being the most used. The visitor must at least meet the minimum language requirement to be eligible for the visa.

    Proof of financial means

    Both of them must prove that they can cater to each other’s needs before they are allowed to stay with each other. The resident and the visitor must prove that they have a yearly income of £18,600 combined. It however increases with more people than you are bringing.

    Certificate of a criminal record.

    If anyone of them have been previously involved in any act of crime, then they would have to tender documents containing the details.

    Parent’s information

    For the visitor, they must provide details of their parent and the nationality.

    Proof of accommodation

    This is for the resident. You will tender a document that proves that you have stable accommodation for you and the visitor throughout their stay in the United Kingdom.

    Biometric information

    Fingerprints and photographs are to be taken at an accredited application center.

    Proof of paid spouse visa fees

    Another task for the resident, they should provide evidence of payment for the spouse visa fee.

    The following means can be used to prove that you can financially take care of the visitor subsistence i.e. to prove your income, you will have to submit proof, as:

    1. The bank statements of the resident i.e. the partner that is already in the UK.
    2. Your pay slips for the past 6 months.
    3. An official and signed letter from your employer which will of course contain your job, your job title, your job description, how long you have worked there, pay slips, and your current salary.


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