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Visit Visa

    When we talk about visit visas, there are a lot of things that it entails, you can visit a country for a different number of reasons and since the purpose of your visit will determine what type of document you bring along, each purpose has different requirements.

    General Requirement for South Africa Visa

    Irrespective of your purpose, some basic things need to be prepared. They are general to all visas and the required documents come after, some of these documents include:

    • A completed visa application form

    The country is currently working on an e-Visa for travelers so they can just get and fill the application form online and submit but currently, you need to visit a South African consulate in your country to collect your form. The form for a visit visa should be the DHA-84.

    • The visa application fee

    You will be required to pay a token for the form. Be it the form or the payment, you must keep both because you would be asked to present evidence for both on the day of your interview.


    • An eligible passport

    One must possess a valid passport to travel to the country. It must not be expiring anytime soon and not during your stay in the country. Its validity must extend at least 30 days after you leave the country. It must have at least two blank pages; for them to attach an approval stamp.


    • Proof of financial means

    Another very important requirement is proof of sustenance. You must be able to show that you can take care of yourself throughout your stay. Your bank statement is the surest way to convince them of this.


    • Proof of medical insurance cover

    Medical records, psychological tests, vaccination certificates, and medical and radiology reports, as long as you have them, bring them along.


    • Specific visa requirements for people requiring medical attention

    Visitor’s visa mostly does not allow more than 90 days stay i.e. 3 months, and traveling to receive medical treatment also falls under the visit visa category. Some of the specific requirements include:

    Details about the condition afflicting the applicant

    To be included in your document is a letter from a medical practitioner of a reputable and accredited medical institution. This document and letter must include everything about the condition of the applicants including past treatment records and results. The reason and why the treatment is so important and how long the treatment will take.

    Details of the hospital taking in the patient and the sponsor

    The full details of the hospital that will be treating the applicant and also the person that will be paying the bills. Be it the applicant, a relative, or a third-party.


    • Special conditions

    If the estimated time for the treatment will exceed the 3 months limit, then the applicant will need to apply for a temporary residency permit which allows them to stay longer.


    • Specific visas requirements for people in the entertainment industry

    Some countries are exempted from these requirements so read up on that and see if you are eligible for a visa. However, except for this bunch, if you are not a South African and you intend to work in the country with a visitor visa, then you need to apply for a work permit. You should submit your application for a work permit alongside your visitor visa application.

    All these are on the condition that you do not intend to work for more than 3 months, any longer and what you should apply for is a work visa instead.

    • Business Visa

    Business visits are also categorized under visiting visas. As a foreigner, you can start your own business as long as you fulfill certain conditions and invest in the country’s economy or invest in an existing business in the country. For investors, there is already a prescribed amount for them as a minimum.

    • Visa application form

    The visa application to be filled for a business visit will be BI-1738.

    • Certificate issued by a chartered account

    A signed certificate issued by a person registered under the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants.

    • An investment to the country or the business

    The investor should invest the minimum amount as stipulated by the minister after consulting with the Minister of Trade and Industry and if the person is establishing a business or investing in one, then the applicant must attest that at least 60% of the staff that will benefit from the endeavor will be South African citizens or permanent residents.

    One leeway is that the required minimum amount of capital investment may be reduced or even waived depending on the industry that the investor is going into.

    • To invest in an existing business will require these extra documents:
    1.  Financial statements for the preceding financial year.
    2. The contribution to the national interest of the Republic.


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