United Arab Emirates, Dubai

Newly Born Infants Visa

This visa requirement applies to children under the age of 16, the passport is valid for 6 years after registering, and it is not renewable, instead, the child; who would have become a grown-up would need to apply for another visa and an adult passport.

To apply for the passport you must submit the following:


  • A completed visa application form

DHA-73 is the application form for a child visa. Since the child is still under the care of their parent/guardian, then they will need to fill the form for him/her, if it is a baby then their signature should also be affixed. However, irrespective of age, the child needs to appear physically on the day of the interview.


  • The visa application fee

As paid by the parent/guardian who is still sponsors of the child.


  • A passport photographs

Two colored passport photographs of the child or baby. It must have a white background and the eyes and ears must be visible. For babies, try as much as possible to keep their eyes open but if this can’t be achieved then it can be closed.


  • Proof of financial means

The parent of the child should have enough resources to cater to the child and all expenses.


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