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What are the needed documents for a Visit Visa in Italy?

Italy visitor visa is strictly issued to people who are not under the Schengen Visa agreement. If any of your home countries do not fall under the 26 European countries covered with the Schengen Visa agreement, you’ll have to apply for the visitor visa.

People apply for visitor’s visas for different reasons such as visiting their family, going on a vacation to enjoy their holiday, honeymoon, marriage anniversary, and tourism in Italy. The Border service officers are the authorized personnel that can give you permission to enter the country or leave the country if you don’t meet the requirement or you look suspicious.

For anyone who would love to travel to Italy for visitation must not stay more than 90 days within 180 days. A Letter of invitation by your host must the attached to other documents needed for the Visa application.

Eligibility of traveling to Italy without Visa:

  1. A citizen of Schengen countries.
  2. A national from a European economic area.
  3. A resident permit granted by any Schengen country.

If you are not eligible to travel to Italy without a visa based on the eligibility status, you must apply for a Visit visa (short-stay visa). You’ll have to apply in advance as early as two weeks before your planned trip or six months before you travel. The visa processing might last for 15 working days or more depending on your home country or the requirement given.

If your documents are not complete or any of the documents submitted to the office are not valid, they will have to return your application for you to the needful and that might delay the time for processing the visa. Any applicant must register at the designated center for applying in your Home country.

The documents needed for Visa Visa in Italy include:

  • Valid passport: The validity of the passport must cover the duration of the visa you apply for 6 months.

  • Photos (passport size).

  • Copy of Tour ticket.

  • Travel Itinerary: The date of your travel and when you’re leaving must be stated on this document. The places you’ve chosen to visit once you get to Italy must be cited in the document.

  • Letter from Organizer: A letter will be needed if you’re traveling with an agency.

  • Accommodation: Your hotel reservation, rental agreement, friend house address, family house address must be submitted as proof.

  • Letter of Invitation: If you’re invited by a family member in Italy, you must submit an invitation letter sent to you and their resident permit. The date of visit must be stated in the letter.

  • Proof of relationship: If you’re being hosted by a family member, child, grandparent, or parent, you must submit evidence to show that you relate with your host. The document can be in form of a Birth certificate or marriage certificate. In some cases, you have to attach some pictures of you and your host when you’re together.

  • Evidence showing that you can finance your stay in the country.

  • Bank statement.

  • Documents showing the applicant professional status.

  • Copy of ticket.

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