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Newly Born Infants Visa

    Obtaining an Italian passport is candid when u go through the proper course. You must acknowledge the criteria, you must have the required documents and you must procure an appointment with the Italian consulate. There are steps to be followed for your application not to be denied or rejected. Therefore, it is mandatory to pay attention to the steps required for you to meet the Italian passport requirements.

    The first step in obtaining an Italian passport for your offspring is that; you must confirm if the child’s birth certificate has been registered at your commune in Italy. If not, the parent or guardians must submit the childbirth certificate to the registry office at the Italian consulate before applying for your child for an Italian passport. It is important to forward the child’s birth certificate ahead of time for the registry office to validate if the child belongs to an Italian national. The registry office will not accept the application of your newborn babies if their birth certificate is not registered at the Italian Consulate and furthered on to the Commune of reference in Italy.

    The Validity of the Passport:

    The Italian passport is a travel document that holds your offspring’s details, their passport photograph, and their biometrics. There’s no need to use a fingerprint when a 12-year-old child is applying for a passport. The passport validity for a child within the range of 3 – 12 years is 5 years, while the validity of a child from 0 months – 3 years of age is 3 years of validity.

    Documents required for child’s passport (0 – 12 years) include:

    • Application form for a child’s passport.
    • Identity document of both parents as Italian National.
    • Act of consent.
    • Valid photograph (passport-like).
    • Evidence of fees payment.
    • The child’s expired, damaged, or current Italian passport (if required).


    If any of the items to be submitted is missing in your document, it must be noted that your application will be denied and rejected. We advise that you fill the form (passport form) with adequate information for your application not to be rejected and to also avoid delay in issuing the passport to your child. Adequate information to be filled in includes the child’s height, the color of the eye, and other important information.

    The father and mother must sign the child’s application form. This is obligatory even if both parents are still married, if they are divorced, or if one of them is single. If the child’s application is to be submitted by the father or mother alone, the other parent must fill the consent form, and also the parents must be European citizens. Attached to the document must include a photocopy of their passports or national identity card showing their full details, their photograph, and their signature.

    In a case whereby one of the child’s parents is not a European citizen, they must sign a consent form in person at the Italian consulate in Italy. And if one of the parents is deceased, the death certificate and child’s application form must be submitted together.


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