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Spouse Visa

A married visa is also known as a spouse visa is a visa type that enables an individual living in Italy to bring their partner over to join them. It is a long-stay visa as the intent of this visa is to have your spouse living with you in the country. If you have a husband or wife, it is only natural to want to join them, however, being a non-citizen of Italy means that you would need a visa to gain entrance into the country.

Before you can apply for a married visa from your country, your spouse has to get authorization from the Italian Immigration officers, this authorization is called a Nulla Osta. It is a clearance given by the authorities that allow you to bring your spouse to join you in Italy. Once your spouse has applied for and has gotten a Nulla Osta, it will be forwarded electronically to the embassy, consulate, or application center where you wish to apply for a visa. The Nulla Osta is valid for just 6 months and you must apply for a visa within the validity period.

To apply for a marriage visa, all you have to do is:

  • Book a visa appointment.
  • Fill out the long-stay visa application form.
  • Prepare all the required documents.

  • Submit your application in person on the appointed day. This is also when you pay the visa fee and get interviewed.
  • Await a response patiently.

Since proper documentation helps to hasten your visa processing, this article will inform you of the documents you would need to submit if you are applying for an Italy visa intending to join your partner in the country.


  • Original with at least a copy of the Nulla Osta: Although the Nulla Osta would be forwarded to the embassy or consulate, you are also required to have the clearance with you and may be asked to present them.

  • Visa application form: You will be submitting a filled and signed long-stay visa application form. Ensure all your information are filled in correctly as any mistake may jeopardize your chances of getting a visa.

  • Valid passport: Your passport should not be older than ten years, contain at least two blank spaces and its validity must extend beyond that of the visa.

  • Passport photographs: You should have at least two passport photos that are identical, recent, and have met the standard of Italian passport photos. Some passport requirements are:

    35mm x 45mm in size.

    About 80% of the picture must be the face.
    The background is preferably white.
    The face must look neutral.


  • A copy of your partner’s Italian residence permit or ID card: You will be asked to present a copy of your spouse’s residence permit to ascertain the legality of their stay or the ID card if your partner is a citizen.

  • A copy of the spouse’s passport.


  • Declaration letter from spouse: This is a letter that will be sent by your partner in Italy stating that he/she wants to have you over there and that all requirements have been met.

  • Proof of marriage: This simply refers to you and your partner’s marriage certificate; it is proof that you are truly married.

  • Proof of funds: The purpose of proof of funds is to show that you are financially stable enough. It shows that all your costs of living can be taken care of.

  • Proof of accommodation: Since you are traveling to Italy to live with your spouse, your proof of accommodation can be in form of a letter from your spouse stating that you would be staying with him/her as well as details about where he or she is living.

  • Travel Insurance: You need to show proof of a valid insurance plan with a recognized insurance company in Italy.

  • Travel proof: A travel proof simply means a copy of all your booked flights or flight itinerary.

The consular or embassy officers in charge of your visa processing have the right to ask for additional documents during your application. Ensure all documents are genuine and no information is falsified.

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