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Documents Required

This article might not be able to cover everything. Some additional documents may be required and it all depends on the purpose of your visit. Generally, the following are some of the documents that will be required for your travel to Switzerland.

Application Form

Like it has been stated previously, there are two ways to get and submit your application form either online or physically, however depends on your duration and purpose. Note that your form must be duly filled as you will be required to provide evidence to virtually everything you claimed in the form.

2 passport size photos

The standard passport-sized photographs. The eyes and ears must be visible and there must be a white background.

Passport, and copies of previous visas

Your travel passport must be available for presentation and it must not be expiring anytime soon. If you have traveled to Switzerland or any other country before, then you can bring your previous visas along as well. Your passport must have at least two blank spaces.

    Travel Insurance

    This is compulsory in all the Schengen countries. You must possess travel insurance for Switzerland and other Schengen countries. The insurance must cover a minimum of €30,000; in case of emergencies.


    Cover letter

    This is a written letter by the applicant which contains the obvious. Your purpose, your duration, and your accommodation.

      Proof of Return

      These can be flight tickets which will state the dates of arrival and departure. For tourists, they can also present their travel itinerary which contains all their plans for the visit.

        Proof of accommodation

        You should be ready to present proof of accommodation as well. Where you will be staying, either in a hotel, at a relative’s place, or your place. If you are in the country on invitation then the invitee should be the one to give the proofs. In the case of marriage, the inviting spouse should be the one to sign this.

          Proof of civil status

          Marriage certificate, divorce papers, curriculum vitae, birth certificate, anything to prove your social standing will suffice.


          Proof of Sustenance

          This can come in the form of your bank statement, your payroll, loan papers, anything to prove that you have what it takes to take care of yourself and your spouse throughout your stay in the country. However, the required amount of money will increase with the more people you have with you, say; your spouse is also coming with your baby.


          Non-immigrant family visas

          Whether you are staying for the long-term or short-term, you will still need to get a Non-immigrant family visa. If you want to travel to invite your partner or you are planning on coming into the country with your partner then you must apply for this visa alongside a temporary residence permit. You must however provide evidence that you are in a legal relationship with the citizen. This means that one of the couples must be a citizen as such some of the specific documents that you would need to provide would be:

          Proof of Swiss citizenship

          The husband/wife that is already a citizen would need to provide his ID to identify himself as a citizen of the country.


          Swiss Marriage Certificate

          This is an official document that contains approval of your marriage from the Swiss government.

          Swiss Family Record Book

          Also, an official document which details information about personal details of members of a family. The family book is constantly being updated if news even occurs in the family like the arrival of a new baby and the likes.

          You must also prove that you have sufficient language proficiency for the area you will be staying in Switzerland.


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