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Newly Born Infants Visa

    Babies are also considered minors so the same criteria for children apply to them. The first step to take would be to check if you are eligible to get a visa for Switzerland. Some countries do not need to acquire a visa before being given passage into the country. Countries in the EU/EFTA do not need a visa to stay for 3 months, but any longer and they will of course have to acquire one. Another thing to note is that the baby must be brought along on the day of the interview.

    Below are some of the documents that may be required for your baby’s visa

    The general requirements come first, then specific documents are required for a baby visa. All documents must be triplicated and should be English or any other Swiss local language, if the original document is not, then get it translated.

    • Application Form

    The application form for your baby’s visa can be filed online but must be submitted physically.

    • 2 passport size photos

    The standard passport-sized photographs. The eyes and ears must be visible and there must be a white background. Kids should be well seated but infants can be laid down but the photo must still follow the required format except their eyes can be closed if that will make the photo better.


    • Passport, and copies of previous visas

    Your travel passport must be available for presentation and it must not be expiring anytime soon. If you have traveled to Switzerland or any other country before, then you can bring your previous visas along as well. The passport must have at least two blank spaces.

    • Travel Insurance

    This is compulsory in all the Schengen countries. You must possess travel insurance for Switzerland and other Schengen countries. The insurance must cover a minimum of €30,000; in case of emergencies. Rest assured, this insurance is valid in all of Schengen Areas.

    • Cover letter

    This is a written letter by the applicant which contains the obvious. Your purpose, your duration, and your accommodation.

    • Proof of Return

    These can be flight tickets which will state the dates of arrival and departure. For tourists, they can also present their travel itinerary which contains all their plans for the visit.

    • Proof of accommodation

    You should be ready to present proof of accommodation as well. Where you will be staying, either in a hotel, at a relative’s place, or your place. If you are in the country on invitation then the invitee should be the one to give the proofs.

    Specific documents for babies include:

    • Birth Certificate

    This is an official document from the hospital carrying the name of the baby, name of the parent, and their nationality.


    • Switzerland application form signed by both parent

    Either for kids or babies, as long as they are not yet of official age, then the parent will need to sign the application form.

    • Family court order

    A family court order will be needed if only one parent has custody of the child. You might also be needed to provide evidence of separation. Divorce papers or the death certificate of the partner can be used to prove separation.


    • Certified copies of ID/passport of both parents

    A copy of the ID and passport of the parent would also be required to be submitted. This can be to prove your relationship with the child.


    • An original and copy of the accompanying person’s passport

    If the child will be traveling with someone else, then they would also need to provide all the documents that the parents have provided and the parent must sign a consent form. The individual must also provide their travel passport with the latest data.

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