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Obtaining a work permit in France is not hard, you just need to know what type of work visa you got and abide by their rules. The different type of work visas has their requirement and limitations. Explore and get to know which one suits you before venturing into it. So first, let analyze the different types of work visas in France

Note: that citizens from any European Union country/European Economic Area nationals and citizens from Switzerland are eligible to work in France without a work permit. If you travel to France with a relative that has a work permit for a highly-sought profession, then you might also be able to work in France without a work permit.

Types of Work Visa Permit in France:

Working for less than 90 days

For temporary workers, the employer must obtain a temporary work permit them. Temporary worker in the sense that the work you will be working for less than 90 days before returning to your home country. Even at that, you will still need a short-stay work visa to stay in France and work, for longer you will get a long-stay work visa while citizens of the Schengen Area and the EU/EEA can enter France without any visa but they would need a proper work permit to work.

The Talent Passport permit

Persons with exceptional abilities can apply for this visa, people with highly-sought professions in France can also opt for this visa. A perk of this visa is that family members who traveled with you can work in France without a work permit.

Employed or salaried and temporary workers’ permit

This permit is for people who are salaried workers in an establishment recognized by the French government. They are free to work any job in France. A perk of this visa is that you can apply to bring your family to France after 18 months of long-stay residence.

EU Blue Card for highly skilled/educated workers

Individuals with this visa are permitted to work in France for 1 to 3 years. They must possess a diploma or a degree proving that have the right to practice that profession. They must also have been in practice with three to five years of experience.

Employees on assignment permit

Employees who have been assigned to a task from a company outside of France also have the right to apply for a work permit. They must have been working with the company for at least three months and have an affiliation to a company based in France.

Exceptional economic contribution permit

Foreigners who are coming to invest or are coming to create an enterprise with a large opportunity for jobs can also get a work permit. Their work permit is valid for at least 10 years with an option to renew.

Students and graduates French work visa

While studying, students can take on some jobs as a means of subsistence. However, it must not go past the stipulated time given to them, and conditions may vary based on the course you are studying.

Student interns

For interns you have come to gain more experience in their course of study, the first criteria are that they must be a student in a University in their country or any other accredited educational institute and the second criteria is that the type of job they will engage in will be related to their course of study.

Scientists/researchers permit

For people aiming to get their MSc. or Ph.D., they can come to France to conduct and conclude their research. Their permit is valid for one year and there is an option to renew it four times, one year at a time which equals a total of four years after which you would need to apply for another visa. They are, however, free to carry out their research, either scientific, descriptive, or historical.

As for the documents required to work visas, the same document required for general visa application applies to them but there are instances where you would need extra documents, the documents required includes:

Check if you need to apply for a France visa at all

Certain countries around the world are given free entry into France, their citizens are not required to apply for a visa but they can’t stay indefinitely either. Check to see if your country is among these. Countries with a high probability of being included are countries under the EU, EEA, Schengen Area.

Obtain French work visa application form

If you have checked your eligibility for a visa, next you get the application form. You can get and fill the form online or you can get it at the French consulate. Either, it will be needed on the day of your interview.

Schedule your Interview

Get a date for your interview and go along with all documents requested.

The documents you will be required to bring along can include:

The filled visa application form. You need to take this along with you as stated in one of the previous points. The application form must not contain any false information as you would be required to provide proof of every claim you make in the form.

2 Passport Photographs. Your photos must be in passport format, colored, and be recent.

Passport. Go along with a valid passport with at least two blank pages. It must be valid for at least 3 more months after your estimated date of leaving France.

Copies of older visas. If you’ve been to other countries, then you might need to provide the approved visas for those travels.

Certificate of criminal record – This can be gotten from the security controlling agency in your country. Sometimes, you might be asked to tender your certificate of criminal records for other countries you’ve visited as well.

Proof of paid visa fee. For all payments made during the processing of your visa, always endeavor to keep the receipt and if it is online payment, be sure to keep the receipt page as you would be asked to present them, just to prove that you have paid all necessary fees.

Proof of Accommodation. You must prove that you have stable accommodation where you will be staying.

Proof of Subsistence. This refers to having the financial capability to take care of yourself. You can either claim that you have enough to fend for yourself throughout your stay. Note, that if you are bringing a dependent then you need to factor them into your expense as well.

Some specific requirements might be for you to present your educational certificates, letter of request for internship from your school, etc.

Attend your interview

After scheduling your appointment, make sure to organize all required documents in preparation for the date of your interview.

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