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Newly Born Infants Visa

Under the French law, babies are also categorized as minors, as such, the processing and steps  for minors are applicable to them too.

  • Obtain French visa application form

Fill and submit the form online. Take ais hardcopy along with you on the day of your interview.

  • Schedule your Interview

Get a date for your interview and go along with all documents requested.

The documents you will be required to bring along can include:

The filled visa application form

You need to take this along with you as stated in one of the previous points. The application form must not contain any false information as you would be required to provide proof of every claim you make in the form. The parent would also be the ones to sign; as a form of consent.

2 Passport Photographs

Your photos must be in passport format, colored, and be recent. The baby can lie down when you take the picture and for infants they can have their eyes closed but their background must be white.

Birth certificate

Present the baby’s birth certificate, which is proof of his/her identity and yours as the parent.

Certified copies of IDs / passports of both parents/guardians.

Parent too must be ready to provide documents that proves their identity as a citizen of their home country and documents to show their civil status.

A court order

This is in the case where only one parent has custody, their must be a signed court order proving that the parent is really the one that was given custody of the baby.

Adoption Papers

In the case of adoption, the adoption papers and other documents related should also be presented. The adoption papers should be signed by the biological parent of the baby or if the child is from an orphanage, then an authority of the orphanage should sign.



Go along with a valid passport with at least two blank pages. It must be valid for at least 3 more months after your estimated date of leaving France.

Proof of paid visa fee

For all payments made during the processing of your visa, always endeavor to keep the receipt and if it is online payment, be sure to keep the receipt page as you would be asked to present them, just to prove that you have paid all necessary fees.

Proof of Accommodation

You just need show that have a stable accommodation where you will be staying, Might be at a hotel or at a relative’s place.

Proof of Subsistence

Present evidence that you have the financial capability to cater for the child throughout your trip. Some specific requirement might be for you to present your educational certificates, letter of request for internship from your school etc.

  • Attend your interview

While you can do all the processing for the child/baby, he/she still need to make an appearance on the day of the interview. Bring the baby when coming for the interview.



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