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    Spain ranks 14th in the world economy and therefore is an enticing option for those searching for greener pastures in foreign countries. If however, your country is not a member of the EU then you need a work visa before you can work in the country. The type of visa you will be needing to work in Spain is the long-stay visa also known as the type D-visa. The kind of work visa you will apply for will also depend on the type of employment you are seeking. Below are some of the categories you can apply for under a work visa:

    Highly skilled employee: Before you can work in Spain as a highly skilled employee, you will need to find a job for which there is a shortage of applicants. After getting the job, your employer will proceed to request a work visa from the Ministry of Labor on your behalf, the process can take up to 8 months but as soon as it is approved, the consulate or embassy can then issue a work visa.

    Seasonal work visa/ holiday working visa: If you’re going to Spain on a long-term holiday and you would like to use the opportunity to work also then this is for you. Its process is similar to that of a highly skilled employees because you need to have an employer who will apply for the visa. The following criteria however have to be met:

    1. You have not been in this type of program previously.
    2. The primary reason for your trip is a holiday.
    3. The job you will be doing cannot be done by a citizen of Spain.
    4. You will not be working for more than 6 months in the country.
    5. You cannot work for a single employer for more than 3 months.
    6. Your travel cost and accommodation are covered.
    7. Your employer meets all conditions for holiday employment.
    8. You have a work permit.                                 
    9. You will return home immediately your contract ends.

    EU Blue Card: This is for individuals who have a minimum of 5 years of professional experience or have spent 3 years or more completing a higher education which allows them to be able to work as a skilled professional. A work contract which includes a salary that is 50% or higher than the average wage in Spain. The employer submits an application for the blue card on behalf of the applicant while the individual also applies for a visa at his/her country Spanish consulate or embassy. Blue cards are valid for a year but can be renewed.

    Au Pairs Visa: This is a visa for students that wish to work for a family in Spain. The main job will be housekeeping and babysitting and the conditions for an Au Pair visa are:

    1. The applicant must be between the age of 17 and 30.
    2. There must be an au pair contract that contains the pay and working conditions.
    3. The applicant must possess enough funds to be self-supportive.

    Documents needed for a Work Visa in Spain:

    The gathering of necessary documents is the most important part. The following are the required documents:

    • Visa application form: Two copies of the application form must be filled in correctly and signed.

    • Passport and copies of passport pages: Your passport should not be older than 10 years with at least 2 or more blank pages on which the visa sticker can be affixed. You will also need to submit copies of your passport pages as well as copies of previous passports.

    • Recent photographs: Two biometric photos taken according to specifications.

    • Proof of accommodation: Once you have secured a place to stay in Spain, you will need to present proof of accommodation. This mainly comes in form of the rental agreement or a letter of invitation if you have a host in Spain.

    • Proof of funds: This is to show that you will be able to cover the costs of your expenses.

    • Health insurance: You will be required to show proof of a health insurance plan recognized in Spain which will cover medical expenses during your period of stay.

    • Work authorization: This document will be given to you by your employer and must not be older than a month as at the time of submission.

    • Police record: This shows that you have not committed any criminal activities for at least the past 5 years and  must not be older than 6 months as at the time of submission.

    • Medical certificate: This must be issued by a certified doctor and must attest to the fact that you are healthy and do not suffer from any disease that may have an impact on public health.

    • Work contract: If you will be working under someone, you will need to submit an employment agreement signed by you and your employer and it must state the work condition as well as the pay.

    • Certificate of civil status: This could be a birth certificate, marriage certificate, child certificate, and so on.

    • License or registration: A freelancer or self-employed individual will need to provide a license for the work which will be carried out in Spain.

    • Proof of skills or professional qualifications: If you have been working under someone previously, your employer could write a letter attesting to your capability. A self-employed individual can also submit previous business records.


    It is important to keep in mind that the consular officer has the right to ask for additional documents. These documents could be based on the type of employment you have gained in Spain.


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