United Arab Emirates, Dubai

Family Visa

    As an employer, you’re required to obtain all work permits on behalf of employees. When you apply at the GUVM, you’ll need to submit the following documents for employees:


    • A color passport photo.
    • A passport or other valid ID.
    • Copies of necessary qualification certificates.
    • A medical certificate showing no diseases.
    • A receipt for the payment of all fees.

    As soon as your employees get their work permit, they’ll receive an invitation for a work visa from the GUVM. In addition to filling out a work visa application, employees will also need to provide:

    1. A passport.
    2. One passport photo.
    3. The letter of invitation.
    4. A letter from you with job details, work location, and contract dates.
    5. A medical certificate proving that you are free of HIV/AIDs.

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