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Newly Born Infants Visa

    Irrespective of the age of the child, before traveling with a baby, the parent must first acquire a passport for a child. The requirement for child/baby passports differs from adults but they are still important and should not be left out lest your visa application is rejected. Here are some of the documents to bring along with you to the Japanese Passport Agency when processing a travel passport for your baby(ies).

    • An official copy of your Koseki (family registry)

    This signifies proof of relationship. In Japan and most Asian countries, it is customary for each family to have a family register; where they input the names of members of the family, both extended and nuclear families. Once a new member is welcomed into the family, their name will be automatically be added to the family registry and it is very hard to forge or fake so presenting one is the surest proof of your relationship with the child.

    • Alien Registration Card

    An alien registration card is given to foreigners who are now permanent residents in Japan. Presenting the Koseki should be enough for Japanese nationals but a permanent resident will also need to tender their Alien Registration Card.

    • National Health Insurance Card

    There are two main types of Health Insurance in Japan, Employee Health Insurance and National Health Insurance. Since only workers can opt for the EHI, the NHI is the only viable option for your child. To apply, you should visit the Residential Affairs Division in your city. It covers about 70% of the hospital bills and it is generally available for people below the age of 75; employed, unemployed or self-employed.

    • A passport photograph

    A standard passport-sized photograph of 45x35mm. Your child’s face must be visible. For infants, the best way to accomplish this would be to lay them down on a white sheet and snap them from above. The background must be white; the reason for the white sheet.


    • Confirmation of your child’s name

    The birth certificate, the child’s insurance card, or passport of another foreign country (if available) can serve as proof of the correct spelling of your child’s name. All you just require is to confirm the correct spelling of your name to the government. If you do not have all these, then a handwritten letter should be sent to the Japanese government.

    • Your child

    Your child must of course be present on the day of the interview.




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