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    D- Visa is a work visa that serves as an entrance visa issued to a non-European citizen that wishes to work in Italy. Before attempting to apply for a D – visa, the applicant must make sure he/she is eligible to apply. Once you get to Italy with a work visa, you must apply for a residence permit within eight days of entering the country.

    It must be noted that the Italian government only issues a work visa for a few months within a year depending on Italy’s state of immigration and the quota of work permits set by the Italian government. The Italian government allows every individual (foreign) who is already living in Italy to change their visa since their purpose of staying in the country has changed. An example is a person staying in the country with a student or training residence permit visa.


    You can only apply for Italy D – visa if:

    • Issued work permit.
    • You have an employer.
    • The quota set by the government has not been filled.
    • If the application is still opened

    How to stay and work in Italy?

    The applicant must be a non-European citizen that is ready to move to Italy and get a job. The most important aspect is that you must have been offered a job before you can apply for the visa. For you to get permission to stay and work in Italy, you must:

    • Get an employer who will apply for your work permit. After getting your work authorization, you can proceed to apply.
    • Make sure you apply for the visa at the Italian embassy of your home country. If you’re issued the visa, only then you can travel to Italy.
    • Upon your arrival, you need to apply for a residence permit to be allowed to stay and work in Italy.

    Document needed for Work permit visa:

    1. Visa application form
    2. Passport size photo
    3. Valid passport
    4. Photocopy of your signed work contract
    5. Original and photocopy of your work permit
    6. Proof of accommodation
    7. Proof of financial means
    8. Receipt of paid visa

      The requirements depend on your home country, therefore you should consult the right authorities to put you through and give you more information concerning the documents required for you not to be rejected.

      On the other side, you need to supply your employer with the necessary documentation needed to apply for your work permit in Italy before sending it to you. Your employer will certainly apply for your work permit at their province’s immigration office. Therefore, you must get in touch with your employer concerning the documents needed.


      In any case, your home country does not have any Italian representation: you must apply at the visa application center that Italy has given Visa authorization to. Make sure you download and complete the Italy Visa application before submitting it in person. Once you submit your application, be patient enough for the authorities to process your application before getting back to you. If the visa (work permit visa) is issued to you, you must pick it up within 6 months.


      For European citizens, they are allowed to travel to and from without getting any authorization. All they need to get is a “declaration of presence” from Questra. And if you which to stay in the country (Italy) for more than 3 months, then you must apply for a residence permit.



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