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    What are the documents needed for a Visit Visa to Germany?

    Having a loved one living in another country can be tough. It is often our desire to see family or friends who live at a long distance from us. The good news is that it is possible to apply for a visit visa to travel and see the ones you love.

    If you have anyone in Germany that you would like to visit, you can apply for a short stay Schengen visit visa. Visitors that need a visit visa to Germany include:

    1. Passport holders of third world countries who do not have an agreement of visa liberalization with the Schengen states.
    2. Citizens whose country have a visa liberalization agreement but was refused a visa free entrance by the border officers.
    3. The validity period lasts for 3 months giving you a maximum of 90 days to spend quality time with your loved ones residing in Germany.


    Documents required for a Visit Visa to Germany:

    The documents you need for application for a visit visa are listed below.

    • Visa application form: Your application form must be filled and signed. This document should be filled in German or English language and every information must be correct.

    • 2 recent photographs: You’ll need to submit 2 recent photos which must not be older than 3 months. It must meet the Schengen photograph criteria.

    • A valid passport: You must possess a valid passport which must not be older than 10 years. Its validity period must go beyond the period you plan to stay in Germany, and it must have at least an empty page to be able to attach the visa sticker which shows you have been granted entry.

    • Declaration of Information accuracy: This document testifies to the fact that every information rendered is correct and not falsified to the best of your knowledge.

    • A letter: clearly stating the reason for wanting to visit Germany, what you would be doing during the period of your stay and how long you wish to stay in the country.

    • Travel or round-trip Itinerary: This document shows the dates and the flight numbers of your trip into the country and out of the country. It is a form proof that you do not intend to stay longer the period you applied for.

    • Travelling health insurance: You need to show proof that you possess a health insurance recognized in Germany and can cover medical emergencies while you are in the country.

    • Accommodation proof: You must show evidence that you have a place to live in Germany throughout your entire stay. This could be a copy of your hotel booking covering your entire stay or a rent agreement if you have opted to rent an apartment for your accommodation.

    • Letter of invitation: This will be from your host and will include a copy of their residence permit as well as a copy of their passport.

    • A proof: showing the kind of relationship you have with the person you are visiting in Germany.

    • Proof of financial resources: This refers to evidence showing that you have money that is enough to sustain your costs of living throughout your stay in Germany.

    • A sponsorship letter: You are required to provide a sponsorship letter if another individual will be sponsoring your expenses in Germany, and it should include the details of the person who will be sponsoring you.

    • Birth certificate: A birth certificate is needed if the person travelling is not yet an adult. A proof of adoption can also be requested if the child is adopted or the death certificate of the parent if they are no longer alive. You are also required to submit a custody decree if the parents are divorced.
    • Evidence of employment status: The following are needed if the person involved is employed:

    1. A contract of employment of the individual.
    2. A permission of leave issued by the employer.
    3. An income tax return.

    However, if the individual is self-employed then the following are required:

    1. A copy of the individual’s business license.
    2. A copy of the business bank statement that shows information from the past 6 months.
    3. An income tax return.

    • Proof of enrolment and a no objection letter from university: In the case whereby the applicant is a student, a letter of admission into the university would need to be provided as well as a letter of no objection proving that the university is in support of the student taking the trip.

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