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It is basic knowledge that travelling abroad requires a visa. However, the process of applying for a visa is not as simple as it looks, applying for a student visa consists of submitting lots of documents which you may not be aware of. Germany is a developed country with various prestigious educational institutions and students all over the world are attracted to its university.

It is very important to note that there are three types of study visa for Germany and they include:

  • Language course visa: This type of visa best suits students that wish to take a language related course and its validity ranges from the period of three months to a year.

  • Study application visa: This type of visa becomes necessary when you haven’t been admitted yet by the university of your choice in Germany. You can apply for this visa if you need to take an entrance examination into the university. Its validity ranges from 3 to 6 months.

  • Study visa: This is a long stay visa you apply for after you have been offered admission by the German university of your choice.

However a visa is not all that is required to gain entrance into Germany, there are also some other necessary documents a foreigner has to be able to provide. This article will provide you with the necessary information about the documents you will be required to provide as you are applying for a visa to study in Germany.

The following are the document you need before you can be granted a student visa:

  • Valid passport: You must own a valid passport as you would be required to present it during your visa application process. You will also need about 2 photocopies of your passport.

  • 2 Visa application forms: Any individual wishing to apply for a student visa must have correctly filled out and signed 2 visa application forms. In some cases you may require more than 2 copies of the form.

  • Birth/marriage/child certificate: If the individual applying is married then a marriage certificate is required. Likewise, if the individual has a child or children then a child’s certificate will also need to be submitted.

  • 2 recent portrait photos: You are required to submit 2 biometric portrait photographs of yourself taken recently.

  • Copies of any German residence titles: This only applies to individuals that have been to Germany prior to the time of application.

  • Proof of funds: Before you can be granted a visa, you will need to show proof of sufficient financial resources. There are various ways that you can present proof, and these are.

  • Commitment letter: From someone already residing in Germany stating that they will provide for your accommodation and other costs of living.

  • Declaration letter: From parents showing that they can provide for you during your stay.

  • Certificate of scholarship: Showing the expenses covered by the scholarship and addressed to you.

  • Previously obtained Schengen visa and residence permit: This also applies only to individuals that have been in Germany before. You are not required to provide these documents if this is your first time going to Germany.

  • Admission proof: Your proof of admission can come in form of an admission letter addressed to you by the university or the language course you are taking.

  • Certificate of previous degree or education: It is necessary for you to provide original certificates of your previous educational achievements.

  • Letter of motivation: This letter states the reason for the course of study as well as your plans.

  • Travel health Insurance: Any individual travelling to Germany will need to have a health insurance plan. This plan should cover at least from the date of your departure to the date of enrollment.

  • Proof of visa application fee payment: Among the needed documents to submit is proof that your application fee has been paid.

  • Proof of language proficiency: Anyone taking a language programme is required to present proof of language proficiency, it could be English or German depending on the language programme you will be taking.

These documents will be presented at the German embassy or consulate and the individual applying will be evaluated and interviewed before being granted a visa.

The embassy or consulate also has the right to ask the individual to provide additional documents separate from the ones mentioned above.

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