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Germany is a country in western Europe that has a lot of beautiful tourist attraction. It has become of of the most attractive places for tourism in the world because of its breath-taking landscapes, castle and its very fascinating history. If you are a foreigner looking to travel to Germany for vacation and relaxation then you have made a good choice. You would not require a visa before you can be granted access to the country if:

  • You belong to any member states of the Schengen area

  • You are a citizen of an EEA/EU/EFTA countries
  • You hold a special passport or diplomatic passport from Chad, Ghana, Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, Algeria, Georgia, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Morocco, Malawi, Pakistan, Namibia, Federation of Russia, Tunisia and South Africa.

The application process includes you filling an application form, you will need to gather other necessary documents that will be required during the process, attending a scheduled interview at a consulate office, it also includes paying the stipulated visa fee and waiting patiently for a decision on your application.

Authorities at the embassy or consulate can be stringent when it comes to visa application and the absence of one or more documents could mean that you won’t be granted a visa. This article therefore will throw more light on the different sort of documents you will need to submit when applying for a tourist visa.


Listed below are the various document needed to apply for a tourist visa to Germany.

  • Visa application form: You must have your application form filled carefully and correctly in either English or German with your signature at the end.

  • 2 recent photographs: You’ll need to submit 2 recent photos that is, not older than 90 days. It must meet the photo criteria.

  • A valid passport: You must possess a valid passport that is not older than 10 years. Its valid period must exceed the period you plan to stay in Germany and it must have at least two empty pages so as to be able to attach the visa sticker which shows you have been granted entry.

  • Declaration of Information accuracy: This document testifies to the fact that every information rendered is accurate and not falsified.

  • Travel Itinerary: This document shows the dates and the flight numbers of your trip into and out of Germany. It serves as a proof that you do not intend to stay longer the period you applied for.

  • Travelling health insurance: You need to provide proof that you have health insurance recognized in Germany and can cover medical emergencies while you are in the country.

  • Accommodation proof: You must show evidence that you have a place to live in Germany throughout your entire stay. This could be a copy of your hotel booking covering your entire stay or a rent agreement if you have opted to rent an apartment for your accommodation.

  • Letter from tour organizers: You only need this document if you happen to be travelling with a tour company or agency.

  • Proof of financial resources: This refers to evidence showing that you have money that is enough to sustain your costs of living throughout your stay in Germany.

  • A sponsorship letter: You are required to provide a sponsorship letter if another individual will be sponsoring your expenses in Germany, and it should include the details of your host.

  • Birth certificate: A birth certificate is needed if the person travelling is not yet an adult. A proof of adoption can also be requested if the child is adopted or the death certificate of the parent if they are no longer alive.

  • Evidence of employment status: The following are needed if the person involved is employed:

      • A contract of employment
      • A permission of leave issued by the employer
      • An evidence of tax payment

However, if the individual is self-employed then the following is required:

  1. A business license copy
  2. A copy of the business bank statement that dates as far back as 6 months
  3. An income tax return
  • Proof of enrolment and a no objection letter from university: In the case whereby the applicant is a student, a letter of admission into the university would need to be provided as well as a letter of no objection proving that the university is in support of the student taking the trip.

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