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Newly Born Infants Visa

Since June 26, 2012, it was stated that every child requires their own passport and using their parent’s passport for entry is no longer valid. You can get your infant a German passport if your baby is a citizen of Germany. It is less expensive and much quicker to get your baby the passport in Germany than in your own country. Application for the passport must be submitted in person by the parents at the Embassy or Consulate and they must make sure to submit all documents meeting the criteria for a baby’s passport application and they must make an appointment during which the baby in question must be present.

Germany passport for babies and children under the age of 12 often have a validity of 6 years and from the age of 10, the child is expected to sign by himself or herself. There are two types of passports that are issued to infants and children and these types are listed below.


  1. Biometric passport: This type of passport can be issued from birth to age 12. Its validity covers a period of six years, and they are printed at in Berlin at the Federal Printing Office.
  2. Children’s passport: This is a non-biometric passport. It is simpler and is often issued within 2 days in Germany. Its validity lasts for just a year, and it can be obtained by children of age 12 downwards. This type of passport does not grant the child a visa free entry into some countries such as the USA.

Qualifications for a Germany Baby Passport:


  • The baby is a citizen of Germany either by birth or parentage.
  • The baby is present at the application.
  • The parent or parents that possess the legal custody of the baby are present.
  • The application is made in a registered area in Berlin or at registered offices in your home country.

Required documents for a Germany Baby Passport:

  • A completed application form: You must have the original and one extra copy of the passport application form.

  • 2 recent biometric passports: These passports must be identical.

  • The baby’s birth certificate: The parent is required to provide a certificate issued by the hospital the child is born in as well as one issued by the population commission at the place of birth.

  • Copies of both parents’ passport showing their photo and data page.

  • Marriage certificate of the parents: There will be a document showing acknowledgement of paternity if the baby was born out of wedlock.

  • A divorce decree if the parents are divorced.

  • A statement of consent if one of the parents is absent at the time of application.

  • Declaration of age of the parents.

  • Mother’s passport is required if you are registering for the passport before the birth of the baby.

  • Proof of legal residence or residence permit of the parent if they possess dual citizenship.

  • Certificate of naturalization also required in the case of dual citizenship of one parent.

  • A name declaration document.

  • The passport and document verification fee.

  • Parents may be required to provide additional documents which will be submitted for verification.


A newly born baby’s passport, which means it’s the first passport to be issued to the infant costs a bit more than the renewal of the passport. The cost of both the first baby’s passport and the renewal are listed below:

  • The first passport to be issued to a newborn baby costs 13 euros.
  • The cost of renewing your child’s Germany passport is 6 euros.

Processing time for a German Baby Passport: 

The processing time for a baby’s passport from your home country usually varies and is not predictable. This is mainly because some documents such as a name declaration document will need to be verified by a competent registry in Germany before they can be pronounced valid, and a passport can only be issued after confirming that all documents are complete, correct and valid. It is therefore encouraged to apply for the passport as soon as possible so that it can be ready in time if you want to travel. Another important thing to note is that the processing of passport can only start when the stipulated fee has been paid.

Where to apply for a German Baby Passport:

A parent can book an appointment for the baby’s passport at the local registration area of Berlin if the application is being made in the country. Applying for a passport for your baby in your home country should be done at an Embassy or Consulate as well as a registered and recognized office.



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