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Are you considering working in a foreign country? Of course, it is possible provided you have all the necessary requirements. Getting a work visa might seem complicated but all you just need is to understand what to do and how to do it.


Working in Germany as a foreigner or course is a wonderful idea and can be a great start to your career. There are many opportunities present as Germany ranks fourth in the world economy and it is home to several known companies. Applying to work in Germany requires a visa as well as a work and residence permit. There are however, some variations when it comes to applying for a work permit which are:

  • Citizens of European Union, Norway, Iceland as well as Liechtenstein do not require neither a visa nor a work permit to work in Germany. They only need to register their stay with the immigration office.

  • Citizens of Canada, Australia, USA, South Korea, Israel, Japan as well as New Zealand do not require an entry visa, but they do require a work and residence permit if they will work in Germany.

  • Citizens from nations not mentioned above must obtain an entry visa as well as a work and residence permit.

There are different categories of a work-residence permit, and they are dependent on the qualifications you have and the type of employment you have secured. These permits are:

  • General work permit: These are for jobs that do not require any specials skills and cannot be filled by an EU citizen. You only require your qualifications.

  • Freelancing permit: This is applicable to individuals who freelance or are self-employed with proof of prospective customers.

  • High skills working permit: this work permit is for individuals who are highly skilled. They have a lot of experiences, and their incomes are high.

  • The Germany EU Blue Card: This is a type of permit given to non-members of the EU who are qualified and practice eligible professions, they must also earn more than the national average salary per year. It is applicable to individuals who are in an occupation needing more people and have a average salary of 44,304 to 56,800 euros per year.


As applying for a visa comes before applying for the work and residence permit, this article will discuss the document you will need to submit during your visa application process as well as other information regarding working in Germany. Keep in mind that these documents should be genuine, and every information submitted must be accurate to the best of your knowledge. There are two types of visas you can apply for and they are:

  • Employment visa is needed when you have already been offered a job by a company in Germany. You will need to enter the country to get a permit to work and live there.

  • Job-seeking visa becomes necessary when you must travel to Germany to look for a job. The validity of this visa is six months, and you can only get work-residence permit after you have secured an employment. You cannot apply for another visa type if your aim is to find employment in the country, that is if you enter the country using another visa type you will not be granted a work and residence permit.


  • Visa application form duly filled and signed. You should have two application forms.

  • A valid passport not older than 10 years and with at least a year validity.

  • Copies of your passport showing the data pages. You will need about two copies.

  • Not less than three biometric portrait pictures.

  • A letter stating the reason for your visit, how you intend to find a job and your other options if you cannot secure an employment. This requirement is for individuals applying for a job-hunting visa.

  • A signed contract from your future employer if you have already been offered a job.

  • Birth/marriage certificate.

  • Certificates of all your academic qualifications.


  • A well detailed curriculum vitae (CV).


  • Proof of previous work experience.


  • Proof that you have accommodation in Germany.


  • Financial resources proof.


  • Health and travel insurance proof.


  • The above mentioned are the needed documents to apply for a work visa in Germany. It is however important to note that that you may be required to provide additional documents at the German Embassy or by the Consular officer.

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